Bacon Boomerang

by sacramento

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español (english below)

Sacramento tocan igual que peinan a un perro mojado.
Sacramento son Sueco, Dorito y Norman.

"Bacon Boomerang"

Grabado en un fin de semana de Julio por Kráter en Estudios DGR Sónica, Madrid. Mezclado y masterizado por Sacramento y él mismo. Editado y regalado por Sacramento.

Dorito: voces, guitarra y silbidos
Sueco: voces, melodica, casiotonebigmuff y castañuelas
Norman: batería, xilofono, casiotonebigmuff y palmas
Kráter: silbidos, gruñidos y paciencia
Guillermo Farré: bajo en Fightwurst y banjo en Geffrito

Portada cambiante... Grande
Más en próximas semanas!
No cantan. No bailan. No se los pierda.
Madrid / Malmö 2011.

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Sacramento play like they were combing a wet dog. Sacramento are Sueco, Dorito & Norman.

"Bacon Boomerang"

Recorded in a weekend of July by Krater at Estudios DGR Sonica, Madrid. Mixing and Mastering by Sacramento and Krater himself. Edited and given by Sacramento.

Dorito: vocals, guitar and whistles
Sueco: vocals, melodica, casiotonebigmuff & castanets
Norman: drums, xylophone, casiotonebigmuff & clapping
Kráter: whistles, grunts & patience
Guillermo Farré: bass in Fightwurst & banjo in Geffrito

Changing Album Cover by Grande
More coming next weeks!
They Don't sing. They don't dance. Don't miss them.
Madrid / Malmö 2011.

FACEBOOK: Sacramento Madrid

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released October 27, 2011




sacramento Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Sam-Ur
I´m not lying there´s a guest -ghost- right behind you
Inmature so insecure just in front of you
S-T-U-P-I-D that´s how I see you
S-P-O-N-G-E that´s what you want to be
Track Name: Porncorn
Smells like porn
Smells like corn
Smells like you, baby
Track Name: Moccasinos
I can´t wait for the summer ´cause in winter it rains a lot
I can´t wait to wear ma moccasinos 'cause in winter
I wear boots -clarks-
I can´t wait to wear my bikini ´cause in winter I wear coat
I can´t wait to have my martini ´cause in winter I drink -dream- hot
Track Name: Geffrito
Little kid where is your dog
Is he lying on the floor?
I saw him run I barked at him,
he went with the neighbours to the gym

Oh, little kid go play with him
to have a pet is not to have a pin
It´s like a horse, it´s like a bird
you can play with him without a fear

Oh, where is your dog
Oi oi oi! shit he´s lost
Track Name: Watermilk
Hope to see you again I´ve got your milk
Hope to see you in the water, in the water...
Track Name: Lars Frontier
tan tan tararantantararaaan
Track Name: Toy
This is a toy
this is a toy that sounds
this is a toy
this is a supersound

And all the medals wonder where´s the spicey cream?
-and all the dirty things you ever said to me-
I´m so golden you´re about to extra speech
-going to throw them in a can of lemon tea-

All the the cupid songs you did
-all the things you did to me-
now I´m playing them for free
-there will never be a "we"-

This is a toy
this is a toy that farts
this is a toy
this is a superfart

And all the noise you made you frightened all the fish
I can´t wait to hear the yachts around the beach
all the smelly dirty feet
you will never crash with me
Track Name: Fightwurst
(Joey DeMaio)

Fight, fight, fight

Fighting the World every single day

Fighting the World for the right to play

Heavy Metal in my brain

I'm fighting for Metal cause it's here to stay

Fighting for the living
Fighting the World

Fight, fight, fight

Now people keep asking if we're going to change

I look'em in the eye and tell'em no way

Stripes on a tiger don't wash away

Sacramento's made of steel not of clay

Fighting the living
Fighting the World

Track Name: Purple Rain
Pink trees
green cats
red bikes
blue bunnies

And sneakers on the cables and gypsies with their donkies

White chinese
red germans
yellow africans
purple rain

Purple rain, Purple rain

I see yellow mustard squirrels spinning in my head
I think they are gonna suicide
no one else will ever care
if they are going away

Track Name: Zoo
All the little horses want to be
all the bears are hanging in the tree
but they can´t be together now
no the can´t be together now today

All the little monkeys want to be
all the snakes are hanging in the tree
but they can´t be together now
no they can´t be together now


All the little tigers wanna be
all the ducks are hanging in the tree
but they can´t be together now
Track Name: Navahita
(Adapt. Patrik Fitzgerald)

-No- te quiero por tu oscuridad
-no- te quiero por tu falsedad
te quiero por tu bibibibibici

-No- te quiero por tu desaliño
yo te quiero y no se por qué
te quiero por tu bibibibibici

Navahita de mi corazón, corazón, corazón
Navahita de mi corazón, corazón, corazón

-No- te quiero por tu odiosidad
-no- te quiero por tu minivan
te quiero por tu bibibibibici

-No- te quiero ver con tu batín
-no- te quiero por tu peluquin
Te quiero maritritritritritrini